Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reaction Paper

First of all, RH-bill is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. This means using of condoms and other stuff that will not make a woman pregnant. This should not be the case in our country. Philippines, mainly Manila, is a country which I believe, believes in one god and one god alone, which is God the Father. We should then respect what He gave us and make use of it. Sex is sacred. I once heard my lolo saying this line and he vaguely explained that sex is not only for reproducing and making babies but we should respect it for it is a blessing, that we could see another life coming here on earth. But how can we reproduce and enhance our race if we have this RH-bill? By using condom, it is teaching us to be selfish and self-centered. Why? We do not think of what's the purpose of having sex and instead enjoy it as a game of maliciousness. We only think of our own selves and why we are doing these kind of things. Another thing is, RH-bill is a contradiction to the church, because as what I've said, sex is sacred. Respect is one thing which people cannot buy, but must earn. Nowadays, women are treated like "sex toys" whenever boys fell like having sex with them. It doesn't mean that having this RH-bill could solve the problem. Think mainly of our own country, what will happen 15 years later on if the government approves the RH-bill? Philippine made China? Impossible! In addition, I've heard about this immunization thing which our Biology teacher once told us, that it contains chemicals which will not make a woman pregnant later on, for it controls their very own population. Yes, controlling the population might be good, but what will happen later on? If they all grow old, who will take care of them since none in the women society could not give birth anymore? And who will replace them if they'll die? Before making any drastic change, the government should first think deeply about approving this bill. There are a lot of people dying because of accidents and diseases, and once this bill is approved, who will replace them in the next generation? Let us not only think of ourselves, but the next generation to come. It doesn't mean that without this RH-bill, the Philippines will be like this forever. If we work hard, and without those corrupt governments, we could make this work. For me, I also blame those corrupt governments because they are part of why people here in the Philippines suffer poverty. They should set a good example to all. Advice: "Do not work for the government if you want to be rich, unless you steal money from those who work hard just to pay their taxes." Lastly, "I hope that those who authored the bill will also open themselves to be educated, so that they would pass a bill that would be more according to the heart of our people, according to our Catholic values and morality, since majority of our lawmakers has Catholic hearts." [adopted by] Lagdameo.

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  1. ,good day po.. i just want to clarify the importance of the so-called "contraceptives" which is part of the RH Bill.. im not anti nor pro with this bill, but for me RH Bill is not as worst as other people thought.. it was only a way of helping us,Filipinos,to control our population.. your right that SEX is really sacred and we have to respect it..everybody knows that.. i strongly believe that the use of contraceptive doesn't makes Filipinos to be self-centered..,marami kc sa atin ngayon na anak na lang ng anak without knowing what will gonna happen to the future of their children, hindi naman lahat ay mayaman at kayang bumuhay ng sampong practical.. kaya nga maraming pinapaampon na bata dahil walang pambuhay ang mga magulang nila, at ung iba naman nasaan? di ba laman na ng LANSANGAN..dahil pa rin yun sa kahirapan..mas maraming nabubuntis mas maraming batang naaabort..di ba un ang mas mali?.. alam ko wala ako sa posisyon para magsalita ng kung anu ano pero marami kc sa atin na porke sinabing CONTRACEPTIVES ay mali na..may RH Bill man o wala marami pa ring babae ang nagiging "sex toys",bakit? dahil ginusto din nila yun...ginusto nila,,marami kc sa atin ay EXPLORATIVE lalo na kayong mga TEENS.. sa hospital may naging patient ako 14 pa lang cya nang una cyang mabuntis at ngayon 16 na cya buntis ulit..pero dahil sa wala cyang pambuhay sa anak nya nilaglag nya ito...