Saturday, March 26, 2011

No one knows..


Life is unpredictable. No one can take it away from you neither can they restore you back to life. They can either cure you or just prolong your life and make you like a living dead, as what I've heard other people say. Okay, so my lola has been in the i.c.u and she's not well. The doctor said she would be lucky to reach 48 hours alive. Oh, I'm so damn nervous. I've prayed. My family and I did the rosary every evening and offered masses for her to be okay. So far, my dad said that she's fine for now but we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow's dialysis day and my mom and dad will be going to visit her. As far as I know, she has kidney failure and there's water inside her skin. She won't make wee-wee. =). Our relatives have been arriving here just to be with her, to see her smile and hold her hand. My tito always told us, "you have to make the most out of today's blessings, because it might be gone tomorrow when you wake up". He's absolutely correct! For now, all we have to do is to make her feel that we are in this together. We have to make her feel that we are here for her and make her feel loved. =)

"You are not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep going"
-the lovely bones

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