Monday, September 27, 2010

A friend I call my sister

My sister, Marie Lauren Michelle Alba Hortillas. People would usually describe her as with the curls. Since birth, my mom would always tell us, that she is the one who is blessed with those curly hair, dazzling around her shoulders, pure black. An ordinary girl who is like a stick. Whose hands are as thin as that of the bone of the fish. Whose cheeks are very flat. Lastly, a girl who has a fair skin tone. A girl who has a perfect everything, I guess. Let me tell you a bit of something about her.....

She would always tell me different kinds of stories before we go to sleep. All those cherished moments she had until she grew up. I would usually just lie on my bed, head's look up and feel a pang of amazement. I never did once realize how lucky I am to have a big sister. I would just usually say, "I want to be the oldest", as what my friends are. But that doesn't really matter, does it? All that matters are that you have that one person you get along with closely. A person who will defend you. And a person who will always look back and will be proud to call you, your sister.

"Hey. Do I look pretty?", is the most famous tagline my sister would always ask me after dressing up. She would always look this close into walking through the isle of Malacanang Palace. Features that represents beauty, wealth and power are not that important. It just makes you look pretty on the outside but not on the inside. People may like you because you attract them with your physical features but never will they know the true beauty of the inner self. Like my sister, I would always look at her as my role model. She seems to be beautiful both on the inside and the outside. She is walking her talk. She is my SISTER.