Sunday, September 26, 2010

She is that girl :: Don't change her

Aurora Demi Doreen P. Gaitan, a person who is always said to be "with the mole". But is that all it takes to know a person? To really absorb each and every word other people tell you? As of the first time I saw Aurora back in grade 6, I really did not notice her. As time flies, my classmates would tease her as "Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo" cause of her mole. It's the perfect place, as they would say. I really did not mind because as I would think, she's just another ordinary classmate of mine. I did not see the true essence of friendship back then. Why wouldn't I? I'm still young. Older people would usually say, True friends are hard to find and you'll always find them in your hardest moments. I say this is true. You wanna know why? Here it goes...

As I first entered my new classroom a year ago, I did not absolutely notice anybody except for my friend Jessica and my seat mate who is for sure, a new student. As I would say, Aurora is just another ordinary classmate of mine. I mean, we stayed in one classroom, had our discussion as a whole and we even were part of the play. But how come I did not even stare a look at her? Is that bad? You're classmates, you should know each other and be open. Eventually, thank God, if it is not because of our play fest, we wouldn't be friends by now. As the minute hand of the clock moves, our friendship grows stronger. It bonds together every energy we've left in our body. We were FRIENDS.

Like me to describe her? OKAY. She is a girl who has a passion for singing. Well, love songs would absolutely do. And we loved her for it. She also likes to eat, I mean who wouldn't? We were like eating buddies. HAHA. She would usually comb her hair, like three times a day. I say, "Keep it up-- It's good for you". You'll find her to be a girly-girl. She likes to put cute clips on her hair. You know what, physical features doesn't really matter. As I would describe her, you may think she is a very jolly person and who is always smiling. But all you know is that. Nothing else, nothing more. Let me tell you a little bit about her inner self. She is there whenever you need her. She is the kind of person, who always makes you happy, that's why I love her. Lastly, she is a person who will make the world spinning round and round. Isn't that great when you find a person like that? Who will forever be part of your memory, of your life?