Saturday, July 3, 2010

A world full of laughter

As I enter the world full of great pleasures, I suddenly remember my past life. To be exact, my first year life… At first it feels so terrible to be separated from your very close friends. It feels like floating on thin air, there laughing and playing jokes with them, the next thing you know *POOF*, your on a different place all ready. Like being stranded on a deserted island in a random place on earth. Okay, I thought of it many times all ready. What can I do? Nothing. Just nothing. GREAT! But for sure, I’ll be having new kinds of friends and mingling with them through out the year. No need to worry my dear, you’ve gone to the right place. Where? In St. Elizabeth classroom. Why? Cause in here we share one heart, one thought and most especially we are one family. So why stress yourself out just for nothing? I’ve learned a lesson of my own, “Be happy with whom your with, cause one day you might loose that one person who made you smile.”

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